Whats New in our Showroom This Summer?

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Come along to our outdoor living showroom this summer and find out how you can make sure you can use your garden to its full extent all the way through the season.

Our large outdoor living show spaces are situated through the complex at Sky House Design Centre offering a broad spectrum of outdoor living solutions to integrate into your garden design.

The Umbris Zone at the Sky House Design Centre

The Umbris Zone to the rear of Sky House showcases an Umbris louvre roof in its best light with a cantilevered corner, burnt timber design details and fully automated louvres. Throughout the summer you will see various members of the team at Sky House using this outdoor living space for outdoor meetings, lunch breaks or just an outdoor working space for the afternoon.

Thanks to the fully rotatable louvres you can completely control the amount of sun and light that penetrates through the roof onto the patio area below. Also, the louvres in each roof field can be operated separately so that one half of the outdoor area can be bathed in sun (for the sun lovers) and the other half can be shaded.

Umbris Zone Outdoor Furniture


Beneath the shade (or sun) of the Umbris, we have a curated collection of outdoor garden furniture from IQ Furniture.

The range we have here offer a modern design from various continental designers.

The materials are all designed for continuous outdoor use throughout the year (including porcelain and aluminium structures) so you can enjoy the pieces in summer and ignore them through winter.





Nomo Rialto Awning at the Sky House Design Centre

To the front of Sky House, we have a large Nomo Rialto awning roof on show. This fully retractable awning roof is a staple in continental garden design and just starting to make a splash in the UK. It mixes together the modernity of an aluminium louvre roof structure with a traditional garden awning. The advantage of the awning roof over a louvre roof is that you can retract the patio covering all the way back for a full view up to the sky.

When the awning is closed it seals into the roof structure to create a fully watertight roof which then protects your outdoor living area.

If you are planning a garden project this summer make sure you book your appointment to visit the Sky House Design Centre and the IQ Outdoor Living showroom for the latest trends and designs.

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