Ways to refresh your outdoor living space

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Take advantage of your outdoor living space by giving it a little spring clean. Refreshing your garden area with these simple tips will allow you to fully enjoy the outdoors and take advantage of the warmer weather.

There are simple ways in which you can refresh your outdoor living space. Our first tip would be to create a great focal point. One way to do this is by adding a table as a centre piece.

An outdoor coffee table or even a side table can really create an eye catching focal point. The table can be positioned in your favourite outdoor space and all other furniture can be centred around it. The design of the table should represent your own personal taste, style and preferences.

Conic Storage Side Table
Conic Storage Side Table

Our second tip would be by adding different seating options. You can experiment with a variety of seating options including a lounge chair which is stylish yet comfortable. These are ideal near the pool area and can really refresh your outdoor setting. You can decorate your outdoor space with one lounge chair or a couple depending on your outdoor design.

A modular sofa might be right up your alley. These sofas are large enough for the whole family to enjoy. You can also experiment with sofa configurations which can help you personalise the way you relax. This sofa can create a comfortable atmosphere for you to enjoy with your family and friends.

An outdoor bench is also an ideal outdoor furniture piece as it can be used all year round and might be the perfect match for your garden space.

Parc Bench
Parc Bench

Our third tip is visual appeal. This can be anything that makes your outdoor space appealing, comfortable and inviting.

Try experimenting with comfy cushions. These can be in a range of colours to match your exteriors. As well as colour texture is also important especially for those cooler evenings. We would even suggest experimenting with different sizes to create a visual effect.

Plant pots are another way to visually enhance your outdoor space.  A unique plant pot with beautiful flowers can add colour and can create a serene outdoor area.

Outdoor lighting can also add that magical touch to your outdoor space in the evening.  Lanterns are a wonderful way to add your individualised touch and create a comfy ambience for family and friends to enjoy.

Lighttube Outdoor Lantern - IQ Outdoor Living

These are simple decorating tips that will allow you to refresh your outdoor living space and make an inviting space for your family and friends.

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