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Use Umbris to Create A Private Rooftop Terrace

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A rooftop terrace is an external space on a flat roof. Rooftop terraces are very popular in London, especially in the hotter months when companies and homeowners can throw the ideal summer party on their private rooftops.

Private rooftop terraces can be created on any flat rooftop with an access point. These areas are perfect for parties or to relax with friends and family in the summer. However, as these spaces are high up, it is very likely that you will be in direct sunlight. An Umbris louvre roof is the perfect way of preventing direct sunlight as the roof can provide automated shading.

These automated louvres are controllable so you are able to shade yourself from the sun as well as allowing the sun through the louvres to provide warmth and natural sunlight onto the outdoor living area.

The Umbris roof can also allow you to use this space in the colder, wetter months as the louvres are watertight when shut providing a completely dry living outdoor area. Umbris can install a range of special features including Bluetooth speakers and Umbris HeatStrips onto the patio roof to allow access and enjoyment in your area throughout the year. These additions mean you are able to enjoy your outdoor living space in the warmth, even in the winter.

Umbris louvre roofs are very versatile and can be installed in any space, whether they need to be building integrated or if they have to be free-standing.

If you are planning how to decorate and make the most of your private rooftop terrace then you will definitely benefit from an Umbris louvre roof.

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