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Why Pick an Automated Awning Roof?

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Many of us enjoy and appreciate spending time outside on your patio, garden or terrace with family and friends. This obstruction to this ‘Outdoor Living’ culture in the UK is our persistent wet weather and rainy climate. One of the beauties of a patio roof system is that it helps to create an external living space which is protected from the elements, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather.

Automated louvre patio roofs are a well known solution for garden designs but a new branch of patio roofs are available now that combine the best bits of a louvre roof with the most popular garden shading solution; an awning. The Nomo Rialto awning roof is one of those new species of patio roof, helping control intense exposure to sun as well as the horrible, wet rain.


Advantages of a IQ Awning



Create a Protected Outdoor Living Area

A Nomo Rialto awning roof protects your outdoor living space with a touch of a button. Within the minimal aluminium roof structure motors and tubular wiring allowing the awning roof to automatically retract backwards and forwards, opening and closing your outdoor living space to the sky. When the awning is completely closed it is fully weather and water tight. That means that no rain will penetrate through the garden roof so you can stay outdoors even when it is raining!

In addition the presence of a patio roof will protect upholstery and outdoor furniture from the elements and falling leaves.

The great British weather can be unpredictable and you can expect even a shower on a very sunny day. A Nomo Rialto can go from completely open to sealed and weather tight in a matter of moments, to shelter you and allow you to continue enjoying your outdoor living environment. The same applies in reverse; in the boiling hot summer, a closed roof prevents the sun going through glass windows and doors keeping the temperature down. Tests show that it is as much as 20 degrees cooler under an awning than without one which provides you with a comfortable outdoor space during the hot summer months. We always need space as you know they are at a premium, so using a Nomo Rialto will extend your living space and is perfect for dining in and relaxing.

Bespoke Design 

Each Nomo Rialto is made to order. The right colour, features, size and protection should all be taken into careful consideration when choosing a roof. This should be carefully thought through as this is an important investment. More protection from the elements can be integrated into the patio roof structure with the integration of vertical blinds or sliding glass doors around the outside.

Large Sizes 

There are almost no limits to the number of roofs you can have for your garden as multiple roofs structures are added together covering a large area of your garden. IQ Outdoor Living will design and adjust with what suits best for the client with options coming as freestanding or wall mounted. The retractable awning roof is available in any RAL colours offering a range to choose from, matching with your home design.You can control the weather on your own terms by taking full control of the patio roof.

Additional Weather Protection? 

The Raso retractable vertical awning is an option you can have for a fully secure room which can easily be opened up in the summer. Alternatively, you can have an aluminium framed sliding glass door from IQ Glass which will offer a completely secure and sheltered room and to top it off, you can have RWGB dimmable LED Lighting within the retractable awning or RWGB dimmable LED Strip Lighting in the outer edge of the roof structure to make it that extra special.

Nomo Rialto is a solid investment to add as part of your home. The bespoke awnings will be designed to what meets your needs and preferences. Now in the knowledge that you can have the latest in material and features, you can relax. Please come and take a look at the Nomo Rialto for yourself in our Amersham showroom or call IQ Outdoor Living for more information on 01494 722880 or email





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