Umbris Patio Roof The Oak Deane

Specialist Finishes for Garden Structures

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It’s a great feeling to open the door with and view greenery all around your garden BUT what do you do when you don’t have the space and you want to extend? Adding a patio roof to your garden would be a fantastic feature and also a perfect way to combine your indoor-outdoor living space.

These bespoke garden structures can be designed and installed into almost any garden design to a wide range of aesthetic requirements. The materials of your garden structure and the resulting design will differ depending on the system you have chosen.

Our Umbris louvre roof system is a perfect example of a patio roof that you can customise to suit your design requirements. The patio roof is made from an aluminium structure. This automatically gives you a wide variety of choice thanks to the wide array of colour options available to powder coated aluminium. The garden roof can be powder coated in any RAL colour that you need to suit existing or planned colour schemes.

But in addition to this wide choice of colours, you can also choose to clad the aluminium structure in any number of specialist finishes. These aluminium garden roofs have previously been designed with a Corten™ cladding, charred timber or a natural Oak finish as you can see from the below project.

Umbris Patio Roof The Oak Deane

As well as creating outdoor living areas Patio Louvre roofs allow you to control the amount of solar radiation that comes through your rear patio doors by stopping or reducing it. It was for this reason that the product won the Build It Awards for ‘Best Home Technology’. The judges saw that it was the ‘Perfect Example of Contemporary Solar Shading’.

When attaching the garden roof to your building structure you can specify that the aluminium frame be clad in whatever material you require. This allows the Umbris roof to become an integral part of the building design and maintain a cohesive aesthetic from inside to out.

We work with the specialist finishing workshop at IQ Metal to create a range of different architectural metal works which can easily be adapted to your bespoke garden roof installation.

An alternative solution to a louvre roof is obviously an awning roof. The Nomo Rialto retractable awning roof from IQ offers you the same modern design as a louvre roof system but with an integrated awning that is fully retractable. The aluminium garden roof structure is available in a range of RAL colours, same as the Umbris roof, as well as a range of specialist metal look finishes.

One of these specialist finishes is a beautiful Corten look metallic finish. This specialist powder coat gives the appearance of a rusted steel design but in an easy to maintain aluminium material (and a fraction of the cost of true CortenTM). We used this specialist Corten-look finish to numerous Opera Vision louvre roof installations at this luxury private home.

Corten Finish Pratic

If you want something ultra-special we can commission IQ Metal to create a bespoke garden structure in your material of choice. They often work with architectural bronze, steel and stainless steel to create decorative steel works for architectural designs.

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