Louvre Roof

Woodside Louvre Roof

This building integrated louvre roof was installed on this property to create a sheltered external living space that joins on from the internal living spaces.

Bifolding doors have been installed on the property and provide the perfect access between the internal and external living spaces, creating an indoor-outdoor living experience. The large IQ Lux Louvre roof was installed onto this space to provide the ideal amount of solar shading and shelter to the new outdoor living area. These automated louvres allow the homeowners to control how much shade and shelter the space will receive.

The louvre roof has been powder coated white to match the exterior of the original building. This also allows the sunlight to reflect off of the light colours, creating a bright space throughout the day when the louvres are open. When the louvres are closed they provide the necessary amount of solar shading to the area which may be required in the summer when the space is too bright or starts to become overheated.

Integrating this louvre roof into the building also means that the external living space will remain dry throughout the year when the louvres are fully closed. Due to the integrated drainage system no water will leak through into the space even when the louvres are opened after a downpour. The automated louvres are installed into the aluminium roof field and are invisibly connected to the water drainage and motors for a sleek, contemporary design.

IQ Lux Construction TypeBuilding Integrated with one roof field