Floating Umbris Patio Roof - Victoria Street

Victoria Street

A floating IQ Lux patio roof was installed onto this home to help create an outdoor dining space. This automated louvre roof has been installed without supporting posts to create the illusion of a floating roof. This provides a stunning addition to the home, creating a feature element to the external space.

The main requirement from the client was to create an additional space externally that can be used throughout the year in any weather. This has been achieved by installing the patio roof to protect the patio area from the elements, enhancing and maximising the use of the external dining area.

Extra features were integrated into the louvre roof design including an IQ Lux heat strip and some LED spotlights. Both of these elements allow the homeowners to use their space throughout the day and in any weather, providing additional lighting and warmth.

This automated louvre roof becomes completely watertight when the louvres are closed keeping the clients, patio area and outdoor furniture dry throughout the year. In the summer these louvres can be closed to provide shade whilst allowing sunlight to pass through into the space in the Winter.

This patio roof has been powder coated dark grey to match with the framing colour of the door providing access from the internal living space to the external space. This helps to create a uniform design throughout the home and provides a contemporary addition to the more traditional brick home.

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IQ Lux Construction TypeFloating IQ Lux Louvre Roof
Extras1 IQ Lux HeaterLED Spotlight