treetops view freestanding louvre patio roof

Treetops View

This freestanding louvre roof construction creates a separate outdoor living space and entertaining area.

The IQ Louvre garden roof creates the perfect undercover garden retreat suitable for all year-round. Rainfall is highly likely in the UK climate, therefore having the option to turn the aluminium louvres flat to create a watertight patio roof is a great feature. Each corner supporting leg has an integrated drainage system with water outlets to drain the rainwater collected within the aluminium louvres. The watertight louvre roof also helps protect the garden furniture from the rain and cold frosts.

By using high-grade aluminium the IQ Louvre garden roof was able to create a bespoke architectural design. The IQ Louvre Roof construction included fixed timber louvres overhang on the roof profile creating a unique design with added weather protection from the sun and to keeping the living space drier. This IQ garden roof construction also features vertical louvre panels that provide an element of privacy and weather protection from the wind. In addition, the vertical timber louvres help keep the new outdoor living space dryer in heavy rainfalls, whilst still maintaining transparency to keep the outdoor living experience.

The dark grey RAL colour chosen for the IQ Louvre construction complements the natural timber louvres and concrete floor tiles, creating the perfect al fresco outdoor seating area.

This IQ louvre roof system has incorporated feature lighting for more of the indoor dining experience. With the suspended light fittings connected to a fixed louvre it allows the space to be more usable in the darker autumn and winter months maximising the use of the garden all year round.

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IQ Louvre Construction

3 roof fields on 3 supporting posts 1 supporting louvre wall. Water outlets through the supporting posts feeding the flower beds.

Electrical supply through rear 1 supporting post at the rear.

Colour/Finishes029/80081 metallic
SizeLength 3800mm x Depth 8760mm with cantilevered fixed Cedar beams 38x38 mm

Lighting - Pendant lighting type ‘Vibia – Wind’

Timber louvres - orientable aluminium beams + orientable Cedar louvres