luxury home with retractable patio roof with adjustable aluminium louvre for a modern garden shading solution

Sunshine House

This building integrated awning roof was installed to the rear of a fully glazed home, to provide a sheltered external living space that can be seamlessly accessed from the house. The awning roof has been powder-coated white for elegant cohesiveness with the exterior finish of the original building.

The IQ awning system can be smoothly retracted or opened out via an electronic remote and control pad, allowing the homeowners to easily adjust how much shade and shelter the space will receive. Optional extra automation includes the addition of weather sensors, which will close the roof in response to rain being detected.

Slim sliding glass doors line the rear wall of the living and dining room, providing a seamless access point to the gardens and the seating space on the exterior patio. The homeowners opted for a fixed frame design with two supporting posts, creating a minimal and open plan feel to the rear renovation.

IQ Lux Construction TypeFreestanding awning roof

Minimal sliding glass doors