white awning roof for the patio seating area of Rose Hotel

Rose Hotel

This hotel has an outdoor seating area that acts as an extension of the hotels dining space. This allows customers to sit outside and enjoy their lunch or dinner with poolside views.

A large awning roof was installed to protect the seating area from the elements. When the sun is out the roof can be opened, allowing the space beneath to be bathed in sunlight.

Large sliding glass doors separate the outdoor alfresco dining space from the interior areas. Installing the roof at an angle enables it to provide shading from the sun for an extended time.

The awning roof helps to prevent sunlight from penetrating the large slim sliding doors behind, stopping the rays from overheating the hotel's internal spaces.

The awning was decorated with white fabric covers that cascade from the edge of the roof and can be used to provide extra shading in the evening as the sun sets.

Unlike traditional awnings, when the IQ retractable awning is open it creates a watertight patio roof with the slim aluminium structure draining any surface water neatly away.

This allows the outdoor seating area to be used even in the rain, creating a functional space for customers to use all year round.

The roof was designed to be installed at an angle to allow water to run off of the roof rather than pooling on top. There is also a gutter situated where the awning roof meets the host building to ensure the rainwater can be adequately drained, keeping the space below dry at all times.

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