Powell Street Rooftop Canopy

Powell Street

An IQ Lux louvre roof provides the perfect contemporary rooftop canopy to this top floor apartment, merging the internal living spaces with the outside space. This louvre roof installation is supported directly to the properties external wall and with four additional supporting legs.

The integrated drainage system of the IQ Lux louvre roof allows the rainwater to drain from the rooftop canopy through the supporting legs to the water outlets.

The contemporary rooftop canopy has been designed with three roof fields to cover the large balcony and enabling the homeowners to have full control over the apartment’s solar gain. The automated louvres can turn 120˚ providing controllable shade to the rooftop terrace, protecting it from the sun or the interiors from overheating. Similarly, in wet weather, the automated louvres close creating a fully watertight seal protecting the outdoor terrace and seating area from the rain.

The flexibility and lightweight construction of the IQ Lux louvre roof meant it was a perfect solution to maximising living spaces to this rooftop apartment without a costly extension.

An IQ Lux HeatStrip has been added to the installation to create a more comfortable seating area in the colder evenings. The HeatStrip remains black even at the highest temperature keeping a cohesive minimal design to the rooftop terrace.

Standard lighting has been used to enable full use of the terrace perfect for the darker evenings and for entertaining.

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IQ Lux Construction Divided into 3 fields, each field with a different size
Colour/Finishes RAL 1013 (oyster white)
Size 11332mm width x 2995mm depth
Extras IQ Lux HeatStrip

6 spot lights