Umbris Old Fishery Passage

Old Fishery Passage

This bespoke IQ  Louvre roof has been installed onto this home with a vertical external blind addition onto two sides out of the three. This external blind gives the patio area extra shading as well as extra shelter as it can prevent any rain being blown onto the area. By providing this shelter and shade, the patio area can be used all year round.

This automated patio roof, in particular, is integrated into the building and has two other supporting leg posts. These supporting legs have been doubled as a water outlet, providing extra draining for days when there is a lot of rain. This patio roof is watertight, meaning that once the slats are shut no water can pass through onto the patio below keeping the furniture dry.

3 LED spotlights have also been incorporated into this patio roof in the centre panel providing an ideal amount of light in the evenings. This IQ patio roof has been coloured white, matching various parts of the exterior of the home.

This automated patio roof is the perfect addition to this home as it provides extra shading and shelter to the patio area, allowing the homeowners to use their outdoor space throughout the year. The LED lights also allow the homeowners to use this space at any time of the day, meaning they are getting the best use out of their outdoor living space.

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IQ Louvre ConstructionBuilding Integrated with two support leg posts
Extras3 spotlights