aluminium louvre roof integrated into a building structure for a modern shading solution

Marlow Hill Louvre Roof

This bespoke architectural louvre roof design by IQ Outdoor Living has been installed for use by these offices in Marlow Hill. This louvre roof has been installed here, due to the design of the building creating a gap in the centre of its roof, to provide the perfect shade for the buildings and shelter for the walkway below.

This louvre roof, in particular, is integrated into the office buildings and is the perfect addition as it successfully continues the modern look of the offices. This is due to the perfect colour match and similar aesthetic to the barriers when the louvre roof slats are opened. By having a building integrated IQ Lux louvre roof, no supporting posts are required meaning space is maximised on the pathway below.

This fixed louvre roof provides the perfect amount of shading to the offices as well as also being able to provide natural lighting when necessary. This louvre roof is also watertight when shut, providing shelter to the walkway so the office workers will stay dry when walking between buildings.

IQ Lux Louvre roofs are built with an integrated draining system which allows the water to run-off of the louvres into the surround roof profile. This prevents any water dripping onto the pathway below, increasing safety for the workers as they will not slip on a wet floor. Once the slats are opened after a downpour, no water will drip through keeping the workers walking between buildings and the pathway constantly dry.

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