freestanding aluminium louvre roof in a luxury garden for a modern outdoor seating area

Manor House

This elegant English country manor house opted to install a white power coated louvre roof system within its large grounds. Furnished with several colourful outdoor sofa pieces, the freestanding louvre roof ensures a comfortable al fresco seating space by providing adjustable solar shading and protection from rain showers.

The shading system is fully automated, allowing the homeowners to manually control the angles of the louvre panels using a remote, while also relying on integrated weather sensors that close the roof in response to rain.

IQ louvre roofs can be customised with a variety of optional add-ons to enhance the outdoor living experience. For this project, the homeowners opted to integrate LED strip lighting into the aluminium frame, providing a modern lighting solution that allows the seating space to be enjoyed late into a warm summer evening.

Concealed blinds were also specified as part of the contemporary design. The blinds are controlled by a remote system, allowing the user to easily control the degree of shading provided. This is a great addition to the roof system, as it ensures a comfortable outdoor space even when the sun is at a low angle.

IQ Lux Construction TypeFreestanding louvre with one roof field

Retractable vertical shading

LED strip lighting