large patio roof with adjustable louvres for outdoor seating weather protection and shading

Lodge Lane

A building integrated IQ Lux Louvre Roof was installed in Lodge Lane with two additional support posts. This patio roof was installed onto the patio area to provide an external living space for the homeowners.

This automated louvre patio roof provides shading to the outdoor living area in the summer to prevent overheating of the space as well as shelter from the rain in the wetter months.

This space is still perfectly usable in the colder and wetter months when the louvres are closed as they create a completely watertight patio roof keeping the patio area dry throughout the day.

LED lights were integrated into the patio roof to provide additional lighting in the evening, allowing the homeowners and visitors to use the space at any time of the day.

This is ideal for the UK as our days can become very short in autumn and winter months, allowing the homeowners to make the most out of their outdoor living space.

The IQ Lux patio roof was powder coated white to match with certain areas of the home and to create a contrast against the black window and door frames.

A set of sliding glass doors are integrated into the design of this home to provide access to the external space and maximum natural light ingress into the property.

Installing this IQ Lux patio roof enhances this light intake, especially in the winter when less sunlight is visible throughout the day. When the louvres are closed they also provide shading to the internal space, preventing overheating inside the home.

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IQ Lux Construction TypeBuilding Integrated with two additional support posts
Extras8 spot lights