Free standing Umbris louvre roof pagoda next to outdoor swimming pool

Kingsland Drive

The cantilevered louvre roof added to the rear of this property extends the inside living spaces out, creating the perfect outdoor dining area. The large louvre roof is supported by an offset corner post and a large tie rod to enable and maintain views of the garden and of the outdoor heated swimming pool.

To ensure a contemporary design across the entire elevation of the property, it was critical to minimise the use of supporting posts for the ultimate minimal louvre roof design.

Lighting and heating were also integrated into the profile of the aluminium structure. Our IQ Lux HeatStrip was used to maximise the comfort to the outdoor patio area and take the chill off those cold evenings. The HeatStrip remains black even when at its highest temperature to maintain the contemporary, minimal design desired by the clients.

The louvre roof also provides solar shading to the rear glass elevation and creates a versatile outdoor dining and living space. When the aluminium louvres are closed flat they create a fully watertight patio roof maximising its use all year long.

The integrated drainage system of the Umbris Louvre Roof enables the rainwater collected from the roof to drain through the supporting post directly into the flower bed of the garden.

For additional protection from the elements a fixed vertical panel of clear glass was installed on the side of the IQ Lux Louvre Roof. This glass panel was installed within a thin aluminium frame in the same finish as the Louvre Structure.

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IQ Lux Construction 2 roof fields supported by a tie road and the building as well as 1 offset supporting post which is also used as a water outlet feeding the flower bed.
Colour/Finishes RAL 7030 matt
Size 4810mm width x 4840mm depth
Extras Glass panel in clear glass for wind protection

LED Spot lighting

HeatStrips x2