Umbris Louvre Roof

Horsecroft Louvre Roof System

This louvre roof system was integrated into this home to provide the perfect outdoor living space, which was the main requirement for the homeowners. This building integrated louvre roof has additional supporting legs with the same dark grey aluminium finish as the windows and doors on the property.

This outdoor living space can be accessed through large sliding patio doors, creating an indoor-outdoor living experience when opened. Installing this automated louvre roof allows these doors to be opened throughout the year without having to worry about rain being blown into the home. This is possible because when closed these louvres become fully watertight keeping the outdoor living space and internal space completely dry throughout the year.

When closed these louvres also provide the perfect solar shading to the space and internally, preventing either of these spaces from overheating in the warmer months. These louvres also allow the maximum amount of sunlight to pass through into the outdoor living space and into the home, perfect for the Winter when there is a lack of sunlight and heat. These louvres allow the homeowners to keep their living spaces comfortable and enjoyable for relaxing and spending time with friends and family.

Installing this IQ Lux louvre roof system has created a contemporary addition, along with the sliding glass doors, to the more traditional brick building. The chosen aluminium finish is the same as the windows, doors and external staircase to create a uniform design, allowing the IQ Lux patio roof to blend in with the home.


IQ Lux Construction TypeBuilding integrated louvre roof with additional supporting legs