Umbris Holland House Louvre Roofs

Holland House

This architectural louvre roof design gives the perfect indoor-outdoor living space to this home. The louvre roof installed for this project includes two heat strips, this allows the patio area to be heated in the colder months. 6 LED spotlights have also been included in this patio roof to allow the homeowners to use the outdoor space at any point of the day.

The automated louvre roof sits over the patio area and is supported by the building as well as three leg columns. The automation of the louvres allows the homeowners to shade their patio area or let the sun shine through whilst they use their new outdoor living area. This roof is also watertight when the louvres are closed, increasing the use of the living space throughout the year, no matter what the season.

IQ Lux Louvre roofs are built with an integrated draining system which allows the water to run off of the louvres into the surround roof profile. This prevents any water dripping onto the patio area, keeping the patio and furniture dry.

On this project, the drainage for the louvre roof has been integrated with the homes drainage system to be able to drain away more rainwater. There is also more drainage placed at the bottom of the leg columns so that the other drainage systems do not overflow. This is perfect for British weather.

IQ Lux ConstructionSupported to the property with three supporting columns.
Colour/FinishesRAL 7030
Size Field2 roof fields
Extras2 external heaters

6 LED lights