Awning Roof Above Pool Alcove

Cove House

This garden is the perfect depiction of an intimate and modern outdoor living area. Cove House utilises a fully automated IQ Outdoor Living Retractable Awning.


As the day reaches its peak temperatures, the sun can be overwhelming. The completely watertight design of the Awning roof enables enjoyment of the area whatever the weather, come rain or shine.


The grey aluminium frame is integrated with the existing building structure, removing the need for extra aluminium framing, resulting in a sleek, minimalist design. The awning fabric used is a white shade; this matches the walls, further complimenting the minimalist look.


The wicker plant pots add a pop of natural colour, while the light stone slab flooring and steps complete the outdoor space’s neutral aesthetic.


One of the advantages of the IQ Awning roof structure is the RAL powder coating options. Although many chose the more neutral colour, there is a wide variety of colour options available on request.  Another advantage is the choice to connect the roofing to walls or have a free-standing roofing unit.


The sliding door with slim frames sits behind the pool, offering a large amount of light without the harshness of the direct sun due to the placement. It shares the RAL framing colour of the Awning, keeping the colours consistent throughout the outdoor space for a cohesive design.


The Awning placement above the smaller grey framed sliding doors protects from the sun rays outside and in the internal living spaces.


For more information on our bespoke outdoor roofing system, contact our team today, who will be able to advise you on the most suitable option for your unique living space.

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