freestanding louvre roof with vertical louvres and retractable blinds to create a modern outdoor seating area that can be used all year round

Cole Road Freestanding IQ Patio Roof

A free-standing IQ Lux louvre roof has been installed in the beautiful garden of this contemporary home to create an external living space. This new space creates a relaxation area with seating, allowing the space to be used as a dining area.

IQ Lux heat strips have been integrated into the design of this patio roof system to provide additional heating to the space in the cooler evenings or colder months when the space is being used. These two heat strips have been integrated opposite the integrated blind to provide heating to the space that is kept open throughout the day.

As well as an integrated blind, providing additional protection from the elements, vertical louvres have also been installed for added protection and for a stunning patio roof design. These louvres enhance the shade provided by the automated louvres on the patio roof and can prevent rain from being blown into the space.

The additional features integrated into this free-standing louvre roof allow the homeowners to use this new space throughout the year. When opened, these louvres allow sunlight to pass through into the space keeping it well-lit throughout the year. When closed, these louvres create a watertight patio roof, keeping the new space dry in the wetter months.

This aluminium patio roof has been powder coated dark grey to match the grey exterior of the property. The grey framing combined with the vertical louvres creates a contemporary external space for the homeowners.

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IQ Lux Construction TypeFree Standing
Extras2 IQ Lux HeatStrips

Integrated Blind

Vertical Louvres