Cassio Drive Patio Roof Automated Louvres

Cassio Drive

An IQ Louvre patio roof was used in this contemporary home renovation to extend living spaces further into the garden. The automated louvre roof sits over the large patio area jointly supported by the building, leg posts and the boundary wall.

With only two vertical supporting columns, the large louvre roof covers a great span providing a contemporary minimal design to the patio and a great architectural design finish to the property. The IQ Louvre Roofs can have up to 6m between supporting posts to create these expansive lengths with little interruption in views.

The integrated drainage system of the Louvre roof enables the rainwater collected by the aluminium louvres which is drained to the roof profile and through to the support legs. The clients here opted for additional drainage within their patio enabling the excess water to drain through to a permeable soak away made of pebbles.

Indoor-outdoor living is becoming increasingly popular, especially with a large glass façade to the rear of the house. The external living space added to this home with the help of an IQ Louvre roof will add a sense of space to the internal living areas.

The IQ Louvre roof also provides controllable shading to the outdoor living area and rear elevation of glass. In addition, it provides a place to entertain and enjoy all year round, the automated louvres create a watertight roof when closed perfect for all weathers meaning no more BBQ washouts!

Spotlighting was integrated into the IQ Louvre roof profile for more usage. Lighting allows the outdoor space to be used all through the night, especially if it is a dark overcast evening the dining space can still be used and enjoyed.

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IQ LOovre Construction2 large roof fields + 1 smaller field

Water outlets in each supporting leg, draining into a gravelled gutter in the floor.

Supported by small column posts to the garden wall

Colour/FinishesRAL 8019 (grey brown) metallic
Size10500mm length x 3740mm deep
ExtrasLighting - Spot lights x8