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The modern version of a pergola for contemporary garden design

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Beautiful pergola designs to create a back garden oasis for modern homes

What is a pergola? Traditionally the pergola is a timber framed structure constructed in gardens, covered in vine plants and often with an integrated seating area. These structures were purposefully designed with framework that encouraged plants to work their way over the wooden beams in the roof to provide shade during warm Summer days.

With the movement in architecture and garden landscaping growing a focus on minimalism, the design of the pergola was also adapted to meet the changing trend. The desire for minimalist architecture eliminated the idea of plants growing freely across the roofs of pergolas and sought a new design for pergola canopies.

In modern residential architecture and garden landscaping designs are often refined, with thinner lines and geometric shapes. Contemporary pergolas with a roof can be included within architecture designs to elegantly link the home and garden through a sleek garden canopy than forms sort of an arch that links the exterior wall of a property to the outdoor area.


Connecting the home and garden with a modern garden pergola

Outdoor living louvre roofTo help build a connection between the home and garden, architects can use pergolas for patio and swimming pool areas providing a contemporary canopy over a section of these outdoor spaces. The pergola canopy can stretch from the exterior wall of a modern home over a section of a swimming pool or patio to create a sense of intimacy and containment which completes the wider architectural design.

A pergola, sometimes known as a pagoda, can be used to help extend indoor spaces out onto a patio or deck. During the warmer months, a fantastic way to spend time with family and friends is to host a dinner party. It would be a shame to be stuck indoors on these beautiful days, so why not bring the kitchen outdoors. Modern pergolas can be designed to provide shelter or shade over outdoor kitchens so architects can create an inspiring alfresco cooking and dining experience.

If an outdoor kitchen isn’t desired, a pergola outdoors can create a beautifully sheltered dining space where outdoor dining furniture can live all year round. One main feature of modern pergolas is the ability to close the roof to form a fully watertight shelter which will protect the space below from the elements.


Extending living space outdoors

retractable awning by IQ Outdoor LivingModern aluminium pergolas are a beautifully designed method of creating additional living space outdoors. Traditional wooden pergolas were designed for this purpose, but aluminium framed pergolas offer a wealth of modern fixtures and fittings to enhance the outdoor living experience. Aluminium patio roofs, such as the IQ Lux Louvre Roof, offer many optional additions to the pergola canopy to create a cosy atmosphere. Heaters, speakers and lighting can be added to the architectural design of these outdoor living spaces to really bring the idea of outdoor living to life.

The aluminium pergolas with roofs from IQ Outdoor Living come with a variety of design options to suit subtle and minimalistic designs as well as bold design statements. Many architects seek to create cosy and intimate yet large patio spaces that act as a purgatory between completely being indoors or outdoors. These spaces have the comforts of indoors, with luxurious sofas, rugs and cushions but with unrestricted fresh air and nature flowing freely.


Can a pergola be freestanding?

Free standing Umbris louvre roof pagoda next to outdoor swimming pool


Garden pergolas do not need to be attached to a property, they can be designed as freestanding structures in gardens or on patios and decking. Freestanding pergolas are beautiful when installed to the poolside of an outdoor swimming pool, offering shade from the sun in between swims.

Pergolas detached from a property can be used to create an outdoor living pod that is separate from the house, so rather than an extension of the property it can be a space in its own right. With the IQ louvre roof systems, there are many vertical integrations that can be added to the walls of the pergola to provide additional shelter and containment.




Do modern pergolas have automated roofs?

Yes, the modern aluminium framed pergolas from IQ Outdoor Living are designed with automated roofs for adjustable shelter from the elements. Traditional wooden pergolas are designed with rafters in the roof that are installed in a fixed position, this minimises the use of this outdoor space as it only offers slight shelter from the sun. Automated aluminium pergola rafters and designed with a louvre system that means each rafter can be adjusted to a wide range of angles to provide as little of as much shade as desired.

The beauty of these automated pergola louvres is their ability to provide weather protection from the sun, rain and even snow. The IQ Lux Louvre Roof has optional integrated sensors that detect the first signs on rain and automatically close the louvre to protect any furniture or kitchen equipment under the pergola from the rain.


Where can I see a modern pergola?

At the IQ Outdoor Living showroom at The Sky House Design Centre in Amersham, there are several aluminium pergolas on display so architects and garden designers can see the systems available from IQ in person. At the showroom there is the IQ Lux Louvre Roof, which is beautifully installed to create an outdoor dining area on wooden decking. There is also an IQ Retractable Awning Roof on display which is designed using an aluminium frame and a fully automated retractable roof.

To see these products in person call us on 01494 722 880 or email


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