Maximise the Use of Your Garden with an Automated Patio Roof

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Which Patio Roof Best Suits your Garden

Around Spring time you may start to consider ways to improve your garden to maximise your time spent outdoors instead of being cooped up inside.

There are a few ways for you to do this, you can buy some up-to-date contemporary furniture to lounge on or even install an automated patio roof. Automated patio roofs are a great way to maximise the use of your garden as they allow you to use the space throughout the year, no matter what the weather is like.

Nomo Rialto Awning - IQ Outdoor Living
Nomo Rialto Awning by IQ Outdoor Living

IQ Outdoor Living is able to provide three different styles of patio roofs including the Umbris Louvre Roof, Nomo Rialto and Opera Vision.

The Umbris louvre roof has automated louvres that are controlled by the touch of a button. These patio roofs can be installed in a number of different configurations including free-standing, building integrated, post supported or floating. The chosen style depends entirely on preference and the requirements of your project.

The louvres can be controlled to allow the natural sunlight to pass through into the external space and home or they can be closed to shade the areas, preventing overheating. When closed the louvres create a watertight roof, keeping your patio and outdoor furniture dry throughout the year.

Umbris Patio Roof
Umbris Patio Roof by IQ Outdoor Living

To enhance your outdoor living experience further there are features that can be integrated into your patio roof design including LED lighting, external heaters and Bluetooth speakers. The external lighting and heaters allow you to use your outdoor living space on gloomier days or even in the evenings when it becomes darker and cooler, keeping your space well-lit and warm. Bluetooth speakers are a great idea for those who enjoy to host summer parties or even just to relax in the sun with some music playing in the background.

The other two systems available from IQ Outdoor Living include the Nomo Rialto and Opera Vision. The Nomo Rialto system is slightly different to Umbris as it is a retractable awning that creates the popular garden pergola designs with one elegant solution. This awning has a slim aluminium structure, providing the same benefits as the Umbris patio roof.

Nomo Rialto Automated Awning
Nomo Rialto Automated Awnings by IQ Outdoor Living

Opera Vision is a bioclimatic patio roof, providing thermal and visual comfort to your garden space. With a 140° turn, these louvres provide the optimum shading and shelter when closed, allowing you to control the weather in your garden.

Opera Vision Patio Roof
Opera Vision Patio Roof by IQ Outdoor Living

Other additional items can be integrated to enhance this weather protection including vertically sliding awnings, integrated blinds and sliding glass doors. By integrating these into your design, you will maximise the use of your outdoor living area. Read more here.

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