Make Your Patio Roof ‘Smart’

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The use of home technology provides ease to your everyday life, allowing you to control your lighting, open your blinds and turn your heating on before you get home, all at the touch of a button. As well as having this smart home automation within your home, it is now possible to have the same control outdoors.

Many of our patio roofing systems can be installed with integrated smart home automation controls.

Bioclimatic Patio Roofs

The first patio roof we offer with integrated smart home automation is out Opera Vision pergola, which is currently on display at the Sky House Design Centre. As well as allowing you to fully control the climate of your indoor-outdoor living spaces, you are also able to use wireless devices such as your tablet or smartphone to control the brightness.

Integrated temperature, wind and rain sensors are also beneficial for providing movement to the louvres to either open or close when necessary to follow the set parameters. A sun sensor is also available to automatically turn the louvres to follow the path of the sun, this allows your space to be shaded at all times.

Another patio roofing solution available with smart home controls is the Nomo Rialto with a retractable awning. This patio roof allows you to completely open the awning, maximising the sun and light intake into your outdoor living space. The smart controls available for this roofing system have the ability to change the colours and intensity of the LED lights that can be integrated into your roofing system for night time lighting or additional lighting throughout the day.

Smart Home Control Apps

The first smart home control app that is available with these systems is the innovative Connexoon home automation system which allows you to operate the special arm tension system with motorised movement within the T-Hide and T-Code roofing systems. This movement can also be operated with multi-channel remote controls if this is preferred.

The T-Hide roofing system creates shadow effects that create an atmosphere perfect for outdoor living with a simplistic design. The T-Code roofing system is the perfect extension to your indoor-outdoor living area, with a variety of materials and colours available to keep up with the current trends in design.

Another smart home control app available is My Hand which works perfectly with our Opera Vision louvre patio roofing system. For more information on these smart home control apps, please contact us on 01494 722 880 or email

‘Smart’ Patio Roofs on Display

Louvred Roof at Sky House Design Centre

Our Opera and Umbris louvre roofing systems are both on display at our showroom within the Sky House Design Centre in Amersham. The Umbris louvre roof is located at the rear courtyard of Sky House, to keep the al fresco seating area comfortable and weather protected whilst the Opera louvre roof covers the entrance to the IQ Outdoor Living Zone based at the front of Sky House.

Umbris Louvre Roof at Sky House Design Centre

Contact us for additional information on how to make your patio roof ‘smart’ or to arrange a showroom visit to see these patio roof systems in person. Call us on 01494 722 880 or email to speak to a member of the team.

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  1. A great guide! With awning we can save money and protect ourselves from harmful sun rays. Awnings also reduce unnecessary cooling costs! Thanks for the detailed guide!

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