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IQ Outdoor Living Pods

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Functional Spaces

Our IQ Outdoor Living Pods can be used to create alfresco dining spaces, relaxation areas or outdoor gyms that need weather protection. With so many applications, both residential and commercial, these pods are ideal for all types of projects.


By using an IQ Louvre Roof or retractable IQ Awning Roof, the outdoor pods can benefit from an influx of fresh air that flows freely into the space. Sliding doors are the most popular choice for the pod walls which can be slid open to increase airflow and ventilation.

Versatile Design

The IQ Outdoor Living Pods are designed completely bespoke for each project. With a range of outdoor roof options, colours, sizes and additional options we can ensure your pod is designed to suit specific requirements.

Full Weather Protection

Both the IQ Louvre and IQ Awning roof become completely watertight when closed, offering protection from rain and snow all year round. This enables our IQ Outdoor Living Pods to be used and functional living spaces no matter the weather.

The Carport Product Details

Our IQ outdoor Living Pods are extremely versatile in terms of colour choice, size and configuration. With endless possibilities, the outdoor pods can be utilised for a wide range of functions.

They can be utilised to create outdoor dining, bar or relaxation spaces for both residential and commercial projects. We recommend using an IQ Louvre Roof with either glass or blinds to form walls around the area. The pods can be freestanding or connected to an existing building to act as an extension of the existing internal living spaces.

Using an IQ Outdoor Living Pod over other forms of outdoor rooms has many advantages. One significant benefit is the high levels of ventilation as air is able to flow through the Louvres when they are open or through open doors.

If you would like to incorporate glass into your outdoor living pod, our partners IQ Glass will be able to assist with this.

IQ Louvre Roof
• Maximum Size per Roof Field 4500mm x 6000mm
• Louvre Rotation 4 angles between 0 and 140°
• Roof Types: Freestanding / Wall Mounted / Building Integrated

IQ Awning Roof
• Maximum Size per Roof Field 5500mm x 7000mm
• Roof Types: Freestanding / Wall Mounted
• Range of fabrics available

Both systems have no maximum number of systems that can be used together meaning the pods can reach large sizes and you can specify multiple IQ Outdoor Living Pods either stand alone or joined together, making them ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

We have a wide range of additional options available including integrated LED lighting for both roof systems and the option for the IQ Louvre roof to be designed with retractable Louvres.

For the full range of options please visit the IQ Louvre Roof page, the IQ Awning Roof page, or get in touch with the IQ team.

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