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IQ Outdoor Kitchen Covers

Create the Perfect Alfresco Dining Experience// Enjoy Outdoor Living

Modern Shading Solution

When cooking or dining outdoors, having the sun strong rays shining directly into your eyes can be uncomfortable and off-putting. This is why our IQ Outdoor Kitchen covers are vital to provide shading and create a comfortable outdoor living space.

Full Weather Protection

All of IQ’s outdoor roofs are watertight when closed, providing outstanding levels of weather protection from rain or snow. Our outdoor kitchen covers can be designed with sliding doors or other barriers around the side, also protecting the space from strong winds.


When cooking outdoors a huge benefit it how much ventilation there is, removing the need for extractor fans and the worry of setting off smoke alarms. Our outdoor living space covers provide high levels of ventilation through the open sides and open roofs.

Modular Engineering

Our outdoor roof systems can reach impressive sizes, and to cover extremely large areas multiple roofs can be joined together to protect large areas from the elements and provide shade from the suns rays.

The IQ Outdoor Kitchen Cover Product Details

Over recent years outdoor kitchens have grown in popularity and the designs have become more elaborate. Outdoor kitchens no longer consist of a barbeque and a table with some chairs, nowadays modern outdoor kitchens often feature everything from granite countertops to top-of-the-line gourmet appliances, to luxury bar areas.

In order to protect the appliances and ensure that space can be used all year round, no matter the weather, the right outdoor roof is vital to make this space the best it can be.

We have a range of systems each with its own design options and additional extras. Our IQ outdoor roof systems can be tailored towards creating the best outdoor kitchen and dining area that will be sure to wow any guests.

IQ Louvre Roof
• Maximum Size per Roof Field 4500mm x 6000mm
• Louvre Rotation 4 angles between 0 and 140°
• Roof Types: Freestanding / Wall Mounted / Building Integrated

IQ Awning Roof
• Maximum Size per Roof Field 5500mm x 7000mm
• Roof Types: Freestanding / Wall Mounted
• Range of fabrics available

Both systems have no maximum number of systems that can be used together meaning your IQ Outdoor Kitchen Cover can be deigned as impressive sizes to protect large outdoor kitchens and alfresco dining spaces.

We have a wide range of additional options available including integrated LED lighting for both roof systems and the option for the IQ Louvre roof to be designed with retractable Louvres.

For the full range of options please visit the IQ Louvre Roof page, the IQ Awning Roof page, or get in touch with the IQ team.

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