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IQ Hot Tub Enclosure

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Full Weather Protection

Both the IQ Louvre Roof and IQ Awning Roof are completely watertight when closed. This means no matter the design option for the enclosure it will be protected from wind and snow.


When it comes to relaxing in your hot tub, the last thing you want to be concerned about is prying eyes of neighbours. Our enclosure can provide peace of mind that the space if a private area.

Enhanced Functionality

The IQ Hot Tub Enclosure enables the hot tub to be a functional space all year round. By using a larger structure the area below can also home lounging or bar areas, creating an outdoor living space with a wow factor.

LED Lighting

By integrating bespoke lighting solutions into the IQ Hot Tub Enclosure, this removes the concern about using it at night. The LED lights can also improve the overall aesthetic of the enclosure.

The IQ Hot Tub Enclosure Product Details

The IQ Hot Tub Enclosure can provide your outdoor space with privacy, weather protection and enhanced functionality. The range of roof options allows the enclosure to be designed completely bespoke to suit a variety of design requirements.

With a weather tight roof and the option to incorporate doors, screens or blinds around the structure, your hot tub can be used all year round. Majority of outdoor hot tubs and Jacuzzis are purchased during the summer months but making them a functional element all year round brings a new level of enjoyment.

Privacy can be a concern for some homeowners who have outdoor hot tubs, but using an IQ Hot Tub Enclosure provides customers with a space where you can be completely relaxed and at ease.

IQ Louvre Roof
• Maximum Size per Roof Field 4500mm x 6000mm
• Louvre Rotation 4 angles between 0 and 140°
• Roof Types: Freestanding / Wall Mounted / Building Integrated

IQ Awning Roof
• Maximum Size per Roof Field 5500mm x 7000mm
• Roof Types: Freestanding / Wall Mounted
• Range of fabrics available

Both systems have no maximum number of systems that can be used together meaning your IQ Hot Tub Enclosure can be designed to house a lounging or entertainment space as well as the hot tub.

We have a wide range of additional options available including integrated LED lighting for both roof systems and the option for the IQ Louvre roof to be designed with retractable Louvres.

For the full range of options please visit the IQ Louvre Roof page, the IQ Awning Roof page, or get in touch with the IQ team.

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