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IQ Carports

Protect your car with an IQ Carport// Enjoy Outdoor Living

Flexible Design

Each installation of the IQ Carport is designed and manufactured bespoke to each project specification. Size, colour, shape and automation can all be engineered to suit specific design requirements.

UV Fading Prevention

The sun's harsh UV rays affect the pigment in car paint and can slowly break it down and cause it to oxidize. Be using an IQ Carport this protects the car and paint from faded colour.

Full Weather Protection

Both the IQ Louvre Roof and IQ Awning roof can be used in the carport design. These outdoor roof solutions can be retractable and when closed both offer complete water tightness for full protection from rain and snow.

Optional Extras

The carport can be designed with integrated LED lighting either at spotlights or strip lighting. To talk through the whole range of designs and extras get in touch with the IQ team today.

The IQ Outdoor Living Pods Product Details

The IQ Carport utilises our contemporary outdoor roof structures to create a covered space which offers protection to vehicles from rain and snow. The structure can be standalone, wall mounted or integrated with a building depending on the client’s desires. This shelter, unlike a garage, doesn’t have four walls making it easier to access and allowing the vehicle to be on display where they can be kept in easy view.

This system is not just for cars but can also be utilised to protect motorhomes, motorbikes and boats. The space can also be multifunctional, created a shaded area that can be utilised for BBQ’s or play areas. A huge advantage of using a carport is protecting a vehicles paint from being faded by the sun UV rays.

One significant advantage a carport has over a garage is that it is considered ‘permitted development’ meaning in most cases planning permission is not required.

IQ Louvre Roof
• Maximum Size per Roof Field 4500mm x 6000mm
• Louvre Rotation 4 angles between 0 and 140°
• Roof Types: Freestanding / Wall Mounted / Building Integrated

IQ Awning Roof
• Maximum Size per Roof Field 5500mm x 7000mm
• Roof Types: Freestanding / Wall Mounted
• Range of fabrics available

Both systems have no maximum number of systems that can be used together meaning your IQ Carport can be designed to house multiple vehicles, making it ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

We have a wide range of additional options available including integrated LED lighting for both roof systems and the option for the IQ Louvre roof to be designed with retractable Louvres.

For the full range of options please visit the IQ Louvre Roof page, the IQ Awning Roof page, or get in touch with the IQ team.

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