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Integrated Features to Enhance your Patio Roof

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Which Features Can Improve your Patio Roof?

As well as additional features including external lighting, heaters and Bluetooth speakers, IQ Outdoor Living can enhance the weather protection provided by your patio roof even further by integrating blinds and sliding glass doors into the designs.

Integrated Blinds:

IQ Outdoor Living are able to integrate blinds into all three types of patio roofs to provide additional shade to the outdoor space, making it the prime location for in the summer.

Integrating blinds into your patio roof designs can also prevent added rain and wind being blown into your outdoor living space, allowing you to make the most out of this area throughout the year and in any weather.

These blinds can be incorporated into more than one side of your patio roof, allowing you to create an outdoor living space with three sides of integrated blinds to provide a great amount of shade and shelter with one open space for ventilation and access to the area.

Umbris Patio Roof - Integrated Blinds
Umbris Patio Roof with Integrated Blinds

Vertical Fixed Louvres or Awnings:

Vertical fixed louvres can be integrated into your Umbris patio roof as well as retractable vertical awnings into your Opera or Nomo roof designs. By integrating these into your designs you can provide additional protection from the elements or even support for the design and function required for your installation.

Vertically fixed louvres are available in either timber or aluminium to match with your current design or to create a design using more than one material. With an Umbris installation, these louvres can actually replace legs as vertical supports.

Umbris Patio Roof with Vertical Fixed Louvres
Umbris Patio Roof with Vertical Fixed Louvres

Sliding Glass Doors:

A more recent integration design includes aluminium framed or frameless sliding glass doors. Integrating these doors into your patio roofing system is ideal for creating an external home office as they will provide the perfect entrance to the space as well as create an indoor-outdoor living experience.

Integrating these doors or even fixed frameless glass screens can provide further protection from the elements in the space.

Umbris Louvre Roof
Cassio Drive Project – Umbris Louvre Roof

Outdoor Furniture:

Although technically you do not integrate outdoor furniture into your patio roof, you can perfectly integrate it into your garden design placed underneath the roof. IQ Outdoor Living are able to provide your ideal garden furniture to fit your space, no matter how small or large it may be, to create the perfect living area or al fresco dining space.

These items of furniture are perfect for the outdoors, providing the perfect comfort for relaxing in the sun with your friends and family at any time of day.

Outdoor Furniture - IQ Furniture
Outdoor Furniture

Contact IQ Outdoor Living to find out what is available to integrate into your patio roof design for additional weather protection and overall improvements. Call us on 01494 722880 or email to book your personal showroom visit at our new and improved showroom in Amersham, Buckinghamshire.

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