How to Create an Outdoor Living Space for Winter

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Creating your cosy outdoor living space for the Winter

With outdoor space becoming a premium in most cities and urban spaces, outdoor roof systems are becoming a popular trend in 2018. The cold, gloomy winter months can present obstacles for outdoor use, so many of us decide to retreat to the indoors to avoid the cold. However, the outdoors can also become a luxurious outdoor living space during winter as well as Summer.

Outdoor Roof

Pergola with Sliding Glass Screens

If you have an outdoor roof system such as a pergola, then you will most likely want to stay inside when it starts to get colder and darker because the linear gaps in the slatted roof allow the warm air to escape and any damp to fall through. It is time to invest in a retractable or louvred roof system that creates a fully water-tight shelter. The Garden roof systems from Umbris and Pratic also come with optional vertical screens to offer additional protection from the elements.

There are various vertical screens available including wooden and aluminium louvres, sliding glass screens and zip screens. These modern garden roofs installed with vertical screens not only stop heat from escaping but also create a sense of a room separated from the outdoors – you can enjoy the outdoors while benefitting from a cosy indoor feeling.


Fire Pit

Various heating options can be integrated into the design of an outdoor patio roof. Adding a source of heat to your outdoor space will ensure the space is at a comfortable temperature to enjoy all year round. This can be achieved by incorporating outdoor heaters into the design of the roof structure, outdoor fires (such as a firepit) are also welcomed – not only to provide heat but also to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.


strip lights for patio roof

Winter months offer the least amount of daylight which means you need to ramp up the lighting usage. There are many ways in which you can brighten up your outdoor living space; you can opt for a lighting fixture in the patio roof system (LED lighting or even spotlights) and handing pendant lighting from the roof structure. Incorporating good lighting into your outdoor space will provide an additional feeling of warmth and comfort.


Cane Line Outdoor Corner Sofa

Outdoor furniture often requires protection from the harsh winter weather, however with a garden roof system the furniture can safely be stored with a high level of protection due to the weather-tight properties. Garden furniture offers exceptionally high levels of comfort – imagine relaxing outdoors in the warm snug environment with plush throws, pillows and blankets to create that beautiful winter wonderland atmosphere.

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