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How to create an Outdoor Living Space for Summer

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Modern Garden Designs

Summer is the time when we all look to spend as much time as we can outdoors, so during the end of Spring/ beginning of Summer we all start to get our gardens and outdoor spaces ready for the sunshine. In Summer we enjoy garden parties, BBQ’s and relaxing weekends in the sun. We all know that the British Summer comes with its fair share of mixed weather conditions, so how can you ensure that your garden can be used throughout the whole of Summer?

After long spouts of hot weather in Britain, we often see sudden downpours of heavy rain showers which makes us all retreat back indoors until it passes. There are various solutions to create outdoor living spaces that can be used no matter the weather, but how do you know which option is best for your garden design?

retractable awning by IQ Outdoor Living

Outdoor patio structures such as contemporary aluminium garden roofs can be one option to create beautifully versatile and sheltered outdoor spaces. Usually, garden designers and homeowners opt for a wooden roof structure that they can grow vine type plants on. These wooden Pergola/Pergoda and Pagodas are very limited in their design abilities as they are a very traditional outdoor living solution.

These aluminium patio roofs are fantastic for use all year round as the roof design turns into a fully watertight system when the louvres or awning are closed. The IQ Lux Louvre roof is tested for water tightness for both rain and snow loads resulting in a perfectly sheltered space for entertaining or dining no matter the weather. If it was once raining but the sun has appeared, the louvres can be tilted to allow the sun to beam through into the space below.

Aluminium Garden Shelter

Aluminium garden roofs are the perfect solution to create highly contemporary outdoor living pods that can be used for alfresco dining and entertaining guests outdoors. These roofs, such as the IQ Lux Louvre Roof can be designed with integrated features for additional entertainment and comfort. Outdoor speakers and heaters can be installed within the design of these patio roofs.

These modern patio roof solutions, like a louvre roof or retractable roof structure, are a very popular option for garden designs are they are a sophisticated feature to compliment the overall design of the garden. They have a contemporary aesthetic but with flexible design, options to suit a range of garden designs.

louvered patio roof

Modern aluminium garden shelters can also be designed with integrated lighting, this is ideal for outdoor garden parties that continue long into the night. The lighting had various designs including strip LED lighting (that can be coloured lights) and spotlighting.

To discover more about modern styles of garden shelters call us on 01494 722 880 to arrange a one-to-one showroom visit, at our showroom in Amersham, where you can view these aluminium roof structures in person.

Outdoor living louvre roof

To further enhance your garden design for use all-year-round IQ Outdoor Living also has a range of weather-resistant furniture to keep you outdoors for as long as possible. Many of the outdoor furniture items within the range come with quick-dry technology, the technology means that when it rains you only need to wait a short while before you are able to use it again.

This designer outdoor furniture is able to view at the showroom as well, so why not arrange a showroom visit with this today? Simply call 01494 722 880.




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  1. This outdoor space is absolutely stunning. I have a pool in my North Carolina beach home and we have it lined with a wood deck like the one above! I usually have to get it pressure washed once a year to remove mildew and moss that begins to grow but I love the rustic look of it- so worth it.

  2. I love how can a louvre roof transform our outdoor space. It allows you the freedom to enjoy the outdoors and do other activities. Aside from that, it also enhances our house and let us enjoy a comfortable outdoor living space.

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