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How to Create a City Centre Roof Terrace

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There are many factors to consider when designing the perfect city centre roof terrace and choosing the right outdoor roof system enables the space to be functional all year round.

Finding a home that meets your needs is already a very stressful process for many, especially in the denser populated areas that have significantly less space compared to their rural counterparts. This is especially challenging if you are concerned about owning a back garden.

Gardens in London, for example, are 26% smaller than the national average. In fact, it is becoming increasingly common for houses to have no garden at all, the figures rise to one in eight homes in the UK having no garden.


So how do we combat this issue?

When space is limited due to living in a densely populated city, a rooftop terrace is normally a great alternative to the back garden or public park; it means that you still have a private, outdoor space to enjoy yourself and share with friends and family.

There are many factors to consider with rooftop terraces such as shading, weather protection, theme and access. IQ Outdoor Living offer a range of outdoor roof systems that can be designed to suit specific requirements. This article is written to aid you in making the most out of your rooftop terrace.


Good foundations

The first and most important job is to confirm that there are good foundations. Everything that is added to the rooftop terrace will add weight, so the roof must be structurally sound to be able to handle the increase.

If you plan to buy a property and develop a rooftop garden, be aware of the roof’s ability to carry extra weight. It is best to look into building regulations or contact a professional that may know this information, like a structural engineer.



louvered patio roof

Now, knowing you have information on how much weight your roof can handle, you can start adding some features to your new rooftop terrace. One of the options available is decking. Decking is easy to install, it can add value if it is high quality, it is cheaper than paving stones on average, it weighs less, and it adds a natural look to the rooftop terrace.

The decking is multi-functional, adding aesthetic appeal and a flexible area suitable for many different outdoor activities, like hosting a BBQ or evening drinks in the setting sun.


Outdoor furniture and plants

Being able to sit down after a long day at work is a great feeling, but it may be improved further by being able to do that on your rooftop terrace in the summer months. There is a vast range of seating available, from outdoor sofas, sun-loungers to dining sets.

cozy alfresco dining area on a rasidential blacony with a retractable awning roof for shade and water protection

It is always a good idea to have a rough idea of what type of theme you’d like for your rooftop terrace, whether it be modern, vintage, chic or natural. This means you can keep a consistent aesthetic throughout.

To add character and create a more natural outdoor look, plants are essential. Some plants, though, are simply not suited to the terrace rooftop climate. As rooftop terraces are exposed to the elements and lack shade, it is essential to pick the right plants for the environment.

The plants must be able to live permanently in planters, drought-tolerant and wind tolerant. Some good examples are Portuguese laurels or the bonsai-style olive tree; they are both evergreen, hardy plants.


Outdoor roofing

Having a rooftop terrace is an exciting concept, although due to the British weather, it may not be utilised as much as it could be. One of the best options to counteract the issue of weather is to install a garden roofing system. At IQ Outdoor living, we have a range of products designed specifically for the utilisation and enjoyment of outdoor space.


The Retractable Awning

freestanding aluminium louvre roof in a luxury garden for a modern outdoor seating area

The Retractable Awning is a fully automated, aluminium framed, fabric roofed unit. It is weather-resistant so, it can be used in the sun, wind, or rain. If you believe the rooftop terrace will be in used most in the evenings, there are several lighting options.

These options include dimmable LEDs around the frame or LED stripping around the structure’s perimeter or across the retractable fabric. The LED stripping can change colour from white to red, blue or green.

The frame has an integrated drainage system, preventing water build-up and damage. Another plus is that the roofing fields can be increased to any size required as the awnings can be integrated.

If the weather is still a concern, there is also the option to add framed or frameless glass doors and glass panels for a rooftop area with more protection. The finished frames can be powder coated with any RAL colour.


The Louvre Roof

The Louvre is a fully automated aluminium unit; each aluminium section rotates up to 140 degrees. It creates a controlled light design when open. The frame has an integrated drainage system; it allows for dimmable LED’s around the frame and can be any size as the roofing fields can be integrated. There is also the option for glass doors and glass panels to increase weather protection, and the finished frames can be powder coated with any RAL colour.


Retractable Louvre

IQ retractable Louvre roof open to allow natural light to flow down to the modern outdoor seating area

The retractable Louvre is again fully automated; it retracts the aluminium sections. It has the same options as the Louvre roof with size, lighting and colour. It contains an integrated drainage system and the option of framed or frameless glass doors and panels.



Roof Access

There is a variety of options available for roof access including automated rooflight systems such as a sliding box rooflight. These innovative access rooflights are specially engineered with integrated safety features and high levels of weather protection.



The H.E.R.A, which stands for high-spec electronic rooflight automation, is a recently released automated rooflight. This rooflight can be placed over a staircase to protect it from weathering whilst allow light to flood in from the space above.


Automated roof light with plants surrounding the roof

When someone would like to use the staircase, the rooflight is fully automated and can retract to permit roof access. The H.E.R.A has fully thermally broken aluminium frames and uses a stainless-steel drive system to ensure smooth sliding action. The inner pane of glass is laminated, which is imperative for proper safety contingencies with roof glazing.


A rooftop terrace is an excellent option if you are looking to increase the amount of space in your home; if you are interested in any of the products discussed in the article, contact IQ Outdoor living.

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