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How Can I Use my Outdoor Living Space All Year Round?

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Spend Time in Your Outdoor Living Space Year Round with our Top Tips

Relaxing in the garden with a meal or for some fresh air does not only have to happen when the sun is shining. There are a number of solutions for enjoying your time outside in your garden without having to worry about the weather, especially in the UK.

Our first tip would be to look into how you can have an ‘all-year-round’ garden by planting for each season. By filling your garden with stunning plants throughout the year, you will want to enjoy the scenery and fresh air more than if your garden was bare.

Another tip would be to consider installing glazing that will allow you to open out your internal space to the outdoors. This can be done with sliding glass patio doors or bi-folding doors. These will provide you with easy access to the spaces whilst creating an indoor-outdoor living experience.

Provide Some Comfort:

When relaxing in the garden you want to make sure that you are comfortable as using items of furniture that are uncomfortable to sit on or use will make you less likely to want to spend any time outside.

Outdoor furniture is designed for comfort, made with materials and fabrics that are suitable for all weather types. This makes them less likely to be damaged by the elements and therefore making sure you do not have to upgrade your garden furniture each year, saving you lots of money.

Outdoor Furniture Breeze Dining Chair
Outdoor Furniture Dining Set Including our Breeze Dining Chairs

Shade and Shelter:

In the Winter, you will want an external space that will shelter you from the snow, wind and rain but one that will allow as much natural light into your home as possible throughout the day. Installing an automated patio roof will allow you to keep your space well-lit and warm your home with natural light during the day, even in the colder months. These roofs will also provide shade for your home from the sun in the summer when your space may become overheated.

Umbris Patio Roof IQ Outdoor Living
Umbris Patio Roof with Integrated Blinds

The automated louvres in the Umbris and Opera Vision patio roofs can be turned and rotated to your desired space to provide the perfect amount of shading to all external living spaces. When these louvres are closed they become completely watertight meaning your outdoor furniture and patio will stay dry, allowing you to still use the space in bad weather.

Integrating slim framed or frameless sliding glass doors into your patio roof designs can provide additional shelter from the rain and reduce any cold breezes passing through. By using slim framed or frameless doors you will not block out any of the sunlight coming into the space, keeping it well-lit and warm from the sun.

Opera Vision Integrated Blinds IQ Outdoor Living
Opera Vision with Integrated Blinds

Lighting and Entertainment:

If you enjoy spending your evenings in the garden then do not let the colder, darker months stop you from doing so. By integrating stunning contemporary outdoor furniture and an automated patio roof into your garden design with additional features including LED lights and heaters, you will be able to enjoy your space at any time of the day or year.

Umbris Patio Roof LED Lighting IQ Outdoor Living
Umbris Patio Roof with LED Lighting

Integrating LED lights into your patio roof or purchasing an outdoor lantern or light from our outdoor furniture range will provide the necessary lighting for a bright space to enjoy at night. Integrating heaters into your roofing system will help to keep you warm in the winter and the cool summer evenings.

Lighttube Outdoor Lantern - IQ Outdoor Living
Lighttube Outdoor Lantern

Contact IQ Outdoor Living for more information on how you can use your outdoor living space throughout the year using outdoor furniture and automated patio roofing systems, or to book an appointment to visit our showroom in Amersham, Buckinghamshire to see for yourself. Learn more about the integrated features available for our patio roofing systems or browse through our outdoor furniture range online.

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