Camargue in dark over a hot tub artificially lit with outdoor lighting

Garden Design: how to design the best hot tub area

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Three tips to improve your hot tub area

Creating the perfect garden retreat with the use of a hot tub is an exciting process; there is a plethora of options available for your personal space. Many articles give double to triple digits of ideas; this can be overwhelming for the reader. So, to aid you, we have created a smaller, more digestible piece of writing that focuses on three options for the area surrounding your hot tub.



sunken hot tub and seating area with camargue roof

The first idea is to add seating to your hot tub area. Sitting in the hot tub for extended periods of time can be very warm and, in some cases, dehydrating.  Having a seated area or some form of lounger is perfect for 5 or 10 minutes out of the tub to cool down and rehydrate with a glass of water.

Adding a table and chairs to your set-up can also be a perfect spot for a few nibbles next to the hot tub. Having some chilled fruit or chocolate strawberries easily accessibly will improve any hot tub session.

Another plus of seating is that it is a great place to store towels. Many hot tubs do not come with a towel rail or a designated space for towels, and without a space close to the tub, it can be an uncomfortable rush in the cold.


Outdoor roofing system

The UK weather is unfortunately very unpredictable, which can directly influence your ability to use your hot tub. An IQ Outdoor Living roofing system will solve this issue by creating a watertight seal above your hot tub, keeping you and the surrounding area dry.

sunken hot tub protected from rain by an IQ Louvre Roof

There are three main roofing options, a retractable awning, a rotating louvered roof, and a retractable louvered roof. The addition of a rotational or retracting roof system allows the user to enjoy the sun whilst providing protection from the wind and rain.

The aluminium structure contains an integrated drainage system and offers the option of a weather sensor that reacts automatically to changes in weather. It also offers high levels of ventilation in comparison to other roofing structures that are plastic or wooden.

If privacy is a concern, then there is an array of options for walls, with a selection of materials and colour to choose from. One type of wall available is a horizontal louvered wall called the Linius wall, which can be installed in both the Camargue and the Camargue Skye. The Linius wall allows high levels of ventilation whilst maintaining privacy.



Camargue over a hot tub in the UK

Adding lighting around the hot tub allows for a seamless transition into the evening; it can create dimension and add functionality to the area.  The amount of lighting options is almost endless; finding the perfect lighting solution all depends on the garden’s unique requirements.

Our retractable and rotational roofs have many different options, like the integrated lighting that run across the retractable fabric roof of an awning system, to LEDs installed into the aluminium frame. Our Camargue offers strip LEDs that can either run along the legs of the frame, vertically, or around the edge of the roofing structure.


If you are interested in learning more about our automated garden roofing systems, you can read more here or contact us at Mondrian Glazing. We offer roofing structures for both residential and commercial projects.




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