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Differences between the Retractable Awning Roof and the Traditional Awning Roof

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understanding the differences between a traditional Awning Roof and The IQ Outdoor Living Retractable Awning Roof.


How does the IQ Outdoor Living Retractable Awning roof differ?

When optimizing the use of garden space in the UK, it is important to consider how to tackle the issue of unpredictable weather. Creating a sheltered area is a critical component of developing a favourable garden area as it allows the space to be functional all year round. There are several options for creating a sheltered area in the garden but, this article will focus solely on awning roofs.

What is a traditional awning?

white awning roof for the patio seating area of Rose HotelA traditional awning is a sheet of material or secondary material attached to an outer wall of a home or business. The awning is most commonly located over a window, walkway, or doorway. The main goal of the traditional awning roof is to protect outdoor areas and the home from overbearing sun rays, provide shade, and provide some protection from the rain. They are very effective when preventing excessive light that a home or commercial building may be exposed to.

Although there are some drawbacks of the traditional awning, most fabrics used are water-resistant but can be damaged easily. The damage is caused when water collects as the increased weight causes the material to stretch. Also, the traditional self-supporting awning is advised not to project more than 4 metres, as the weight of the fabric places too much stress on the brackets and can cause damage.

How does the IQ Outdoor Living Retractable Awning roof differ?

The IQ Outdoor Living Retractable Awning Roof design deviates in several ways from the traditional awning. The first and most important feature is that our awning roof is fully automated. This allows for enjoyment of the sunshine or protection from UV rays, wind, or rain with ease. A useful option of this awning Roof is the weather sensors, which will automatically open and close if there are changes in the weather. Due to the retraction feature and integrated drainage system in the frame, there is a less chance of water damage.

Weather Protection

Aluminium automated louvre roof system over restaurant eating space

The traditional awning offers protection from the elements but, for some, it may not be sufficient. The IQ Retractable Awning becomes completely watertight when closed, unlike traditional awnings. With the option to incorporate frameless glass sliding doors or aluminium framed sliding doors, a weatherproof outdoor pod can be created. The use of glass doors could create a sleek addition to the property where additional weather protection is required.


Many homeowners find that there are areas in the garden they would like to protect from the weather, that are situated away from any other structures.  The IQ retractable awning can be wall-mounted or freestanding; dependent on the design; the aluminium frame can have up to four legs. This design can be situated anywhere in the garden and is suitable for a seated area next to the pool, above an outdoor kitchen, or in a driveway to display the cars and prevent weather damage.

The traditional awning has some restriction on sizing, but as the IQRetractable Awning Roof field can be combined with others, there is no limit on the size of the roof overall.

Lighting options

freestanding aluminium louvre roof in a luxury garden for a modern outdoor seating areaFinally, The IQ Outdoor Living Retractable Awning has many lighting options available. Creating the perfect garden atmosphere can be a challenge, so our solution was to design an awning that has plenty of choices. The first is LEDs that run around the aluminium frame; these are the largest lights available. The second is LED stripping that also run along the aluminium frame; these can change colour, from white to red, blue and green. The third option is LED stripping across the retractable roof; this is for a more controlled light design.

Looking at factors such as flexibility in design, size limitations and weather protection, the IQ Retractable Awning Roof is unparalleled in both performance and design.


For more information on our outdoor roof solutions and how then can enhance your outdoor space, get in touch with the IQ team who will be happy to help.






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