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Creating the Perfect Poolside Space

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Having an outdoor pool is an amazing home design feature in itself and can create the feel of a luxury getaway right in your own garden.

Many luxury homes have the advantage of an outdoor pool and the spaces around the pool can make just as much of an impact as the pool itself. Building a modern outdoor living space is a spectacular way to expand your home and create a new functional area.

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your pool is a poolside terrace or seating area. When creating a poolside space it is important for it to be comfortable but also have a unique and modern design.

Each outdoor space should be tailored to suit the need of the client, whether they want an outdoor dining space, somewhere to entertain family and friends or just a space to sit back and relax.


The function of the space

hotel pool wit poolside dining areas covered by Louvre roofs in a modular configurations

The function of the space will help to decide many other factors that go into designing the perfect poolside area. Does it need to be big enough for a dining table? Does it need a retractable roof for weather protection?

There will also be a difference depending on whether it is for a commercial poolside space such as a hotel or for a residential pool.

Sunbathing by the pool is one of the best ways to relax, being able to stretch out and lay in the sun, taking the occasional dip in the pool to cool down. For this type of poolside space, a retractable Louvre or awning roof would be best suited.

With retractable outdoor roofs, there is the option of completely opening the roof, allowing sunlight to flow down freely, have it half open to create one sun-filled area and one shaded or having it completely closed for full solar shading.

For poolside dining spaces, whether it’s residential or commercial, a Louvre roof would be better suited than an awning roof as the aluminium louvres can be rotated between 0 and 140 degrees so as the sun moves throughout the day the louvres can be adjusted to keep the sun out of people’s eyes and provide shade or sun depending on people’s preferences.


Outdoor Furniture

poolside seating spaces for relaxing covered by retractable outdoor roofs

During the warmer months, the pool and surrounding area can become the heart of the home, perfect for fun and relaxing. Choosing the right outdoor furniture can transform poolside spaces into a private oasis to escape the stress of everyday life.

You want the space to work in harmony with the rest of the garden as well as the home. If this area is situated between the pool and the home or commercial property then outdoor furniture that matches the internal furniture can help to merge the spaces, creating a large indoor-outdoor living space.

Sofas, bean bags and sun loungers are the go-to choices for relaxing by the pool. If it is a space for al fresco dining for people to regain their energy and swimming in the pool, then tables and chairs specially designed to withstand the elements are needed.

Many people don’t enjoy eating with direct sunlight on them so for lunch by the pool it would be important to integrate a Louvre roof big enough to fit an outdoor dining table underneath into the design.

Outdoor furniture is vital for creating the perfect poolside space, but in order to create a poolside space that is both comfortable and functional, choosing the right shading option is vital.


luxury home with an outdoor pool and sun lounging space covered by a louvre roof


residential poolside relaxation space with freestanding louvre roof

Shaded spaces are vital for eating or for lounging, and even for rainy days when you’d still like to enjoy the fresh air. Taking the time to make your pool area part of a liveable outdoor space means you can spend more time outside.

Think about what you want to achieve from this space, a retractable roof is an excellent option if you are unsure as this can create a completely shaded space or a sun-filled area, alternatively, you can have the roof half-open to offer both at the same time.

One thing to consider is how close the poolside space is to the actual pool and therefore how close the roof is. Having a roof system in close proximity may cause parts of the pool to be shaded for parts of the day when the sun is low.


Our retractable roofs are also ideal for covering pool areas. This enables the pool to be used even in the rain and to provide shading on very warm and sunny days.

It will always be important to have a shading option for outdoor spaces no matter the function. IQ’s outdoor roof solutions can be freestanding, wall-mounted or integrated with a host building.

Multiple poolside spaces

If you have space and can’t decide whether you want a space for outdoor alfresco dining, sunbathing or entertaining guests then you can use IQ’s outdoor roof systems to create multiple seating areas around the edge of the pool.

An excellent example of this is at Seaview Point luxury beach resort where IQ Louvre Roofs and structural glazing were used to create three poolside pods each with its own function.

One was used to create a poolside bar area, one for dining and one with sofas for relaxing. The three pods were connected at the corners and all have stunning views of both the pool and the sea.

IQ Outdoor Living louvre systems are available as part of larger bespoke glazing packages, designed and installed by IQ Glass. Get in touch with the team today to discuss your project.

three poolside pods - one poolside bar, one poolside eating space and one poolside relaxing area all with IQ Louvre roofs

For more information contact the Outdoor Living team by calling 01494 722 880 or emailing  hello@iqoutdoorliving.co.uk



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