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Camargue Roof

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Rotational Weather Protection

The automated Louvre system can rotate up to 150 degrees for a fully water-tight, weather-resistant garden roofing. This aids the utilisation of garden space.

Heated options

Provide thermal comfort for your garden space with the Renson heating and sound bar system. The bar is designed to offer immediate heat and to be very aesthetically pleasing whilst simultaneously being able to play music.

Free-standing Options

The Camargue can either be free standing or wall mounted, giving the option of 1-4 legs. The versatility of the Camargue allows it to be used for a range of applications, fitting the needs of many different residential and commercial projects.

Endless Customisation Options

The Camargue offers an array of different options for colour, lighting, materials. It also has an several wall and door designs available, allowing each system to be manufactured completely bespoke.

The Camargue Product Details

The Camargue Louvre Roof allows for full utilisation of the garden space. The fully automated roofing system is perfect for when the weather is unreliable. The Louvres rotate up to 150 degrees and are multifunctional, protecting from sun, wind and rain. The Camargue has an aluminium pergola structure that is fully customisable.

When closed, the louvre forms a fully watertight roof which creates a completely sheltered living area from above. This can be improved further when glass walls or louvred walls are added. Weather sensors can be integrated to provide protection for whether you are in or out of the home. The Louvre has a fully integrated drainage systems and is design to prevent build up of excess water or snow, removing the weathers ability to damage the roofing system or space below.

The Camargue is an incredibly versatile roofing structure, due to the variety of different options to personalise the design. It is manufactured to meet your specific needs whether it is residential or commercial

Technical Specifications:

• Span Min. 1800 mm – max. 4500 mm
• Pivot: Min 1800 mm – max. 6200 mm
• Free passage height Min. 415 – max. 2800 mm
• Total height with blades closed Passage height + 260 mm
• Total height with blades in the vertical position: free passage height + 260 mm + 95 mm
• All visible aluminium profiles are coated in your choice of architectural textured RAL colour
• Leg structures: Dimensions: 150 x 150 mm
• Roofing Profiles can be combined creating a larger roof field
• Mounting Bases: Visible mounting bases with a visible ground plate, Invisible mounting bases, Cast mounting bases
• Blade rotation Min. 0 – 150°

Additional Options:

• Translucent glass louvers – choice between 1-5 glass sections in each roofing field, creating more of an open feeling.
• Sliding glass walls - Combinable with the fix screen, also offers lockable options available.
• Integrated Fixscreen – seamlessly integrated canvas screen, with over 50 colours to choose from. Also offering different weave patterns for ideal levels of transparency.
• Linarte Wall – offers privacy with vertical aluminium louvers whilst providing protection from wind and rain.
• Linius Wall – Offers privacy with horizontal aluminium louvers on the walls, aligning with the structure of the canopy, offers wooden louvers.
• Loggia sliding doors – allows for horizontal, vertical louvers or a canvas screen. Wood options are available, offers wooden louvers.
• Loggia canvas quick access – Sliding canvas screen.
• Heat and Sound beam – a heating and sound system built into the pergola.
• Vertical LED strip lighting that runs along the frames. Dimmable and available in warm white light or pure white light.
• Horizontal LED strip lighting that runs around the structure, available in warm white, pure white and/or RBG (Coloured LED lights.
• Curtains – water repellent material with 4 different colour options, can be combined with the fixscreen or glass doors.
• Remote control – Somfy offers a remote control or Renson app to use on smart devices to change settings of the Camargue.
• Sensors – ensuring optimum protection from the elements, even when you are not home. There are three types: wind, solar and rain.

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