IQ Carport using a wall-mounted retractable awning roof

Advantages of Using a Carport to Protect Your Car

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Installing an IQ Carport has many benefits, not just for your car but the home as a whole.

When it comes to designing or choosing a home, car parking is a factor that many people consider to be of great importance. Having somewhere safe to park your car can add value to the home, help to reduce insurance costs and protect the car from damage or theft.

Using a carport protects vehicles such as cars or motorbikes from all elements including rain and sun. Many people may not know the importance of keeping your car in the shade, but the suns UV rays can fade car paint and prolonged exposure can incur additional costs as you may have to repaint your car.

Carports can also dissuade thieves and vandals, as the car is not completely out in the open and has a protective roof overhead it is less likely to become a target.


What are the benefits of using a carport over a garage?

IQ Carport used in a commercial car park to protect cars from the weather and deter theft

Carports are a more energy-efficient storage option as even with integrated automated retractable roofs or blinds, this still uses less energy than a garage with an electric door or a full building that needs electricity and artificial lighting.

Another huge benefit of carports is the design. Many systems are sleek, stylish and simple. Our IQ Carports use either an awning or louvre roof with a slim aluminium structure for a minimal and modern design.

The space doesn’t have to just be used for storing and protecting vehicles, our IQ Carports are multi-functional spaces. The covered outdoor space can be used as an area for outdoor lounging, as a BBQ cover or a play area for children.

When it comes to working on or cleaning your car, this can sometimes be difficult in a garage due to the lack of space, lack of ventilation and heat.


An IQ carport creates a space perfect for these types of tasks as they are protected from the elements and shaded but with significant airflow to provide ventilation and maintain a comfortable working temperature.


The IQ Carport

IQ carport with retractable awning roof used to protect a luxury car from UV fading and to deter thieves

Flexibility in design is vital when designing a carport. Each customer has different requirements and differing desired aesthetics.

With the choice of an awning or louvre roof, the option to integrate blinds and a wide choice of colours for the aluminium structure, each carport can be designed completely bespoke to meet specific requirements.

Both the IQ Awning Roof and IQ Louvre Roof have the option to be fixed or retractable. The IQ Awning Roof has a wide range of fabrics available but no matter the choice, the roof will always be completely watertight when closed.

Our carport structures have built-in drainage systems concealed within the leg supports maintaining the minimal design whilst providing functional elements.



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