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3 Ways to Use the IQ Outdoor Living Pod in Your Garden

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3 Ways to Use the IQ Outdoor Living Pod in Your Garden

IQ Outdoor Living pods are incredibly versatile and can be used for an array of different commercial and residential projects. There are a copious amount of colour options and due to the ability to combine framing fields, there is no limit on how large the structure can be.

The IQ Outdoor Living pod is an aluminium and glass structure, it can be free-standing or attached to pre-existing structures. It has three roofing options; these are the fully retractable Awning, the Louvre roof rotating 140 degrees, or the retractable Louvre. The sliding doors used to enter the structure also have two variations; these can either be frameless or framed.

The Pods are a more comprehensive way of protecting against the weather compared to our typical glass-free aluminium structures. The benefit of the Awning or Louvre Roof is the ability to ventilate the Pod on a hot day and stop rain during more unfavorable weather. The systems have a fully integrated drainage system so are designed with the longevity of the product in mind.


Garden Room with Retractable Roof

A garden room is normally an additional room added onto a property either as an extension or on the land, functioning similarly to a uPVC conservatory or an annex. The defining feature of the garden room is its glass pane walls and tiled roof, although wooden walls are also very common.


Outdoor living pod with glass walls

The twist of an Outdoor Living Pod is that it can function as a garden room but also have a retractable roof, this provides ventilation that other garden structures do not. Garden structures like a garden room or conservatory can become unbearably hot in the summer months without sufficient ventilation, leaving them unusable.

This is due to either the use of wood as it is a fantastic insulator, preventing heat escaping, or the transparent plastic/glass used for some conservatories – which also prevents solar energy loss. The IQ Outdoor Living Pod offers a practical solution for this issue.


Sheltered Bar

Hosting social events in private properties has substantially increased over the last year and what better way to host than behind your own built-in bar with a retractable roof. The IQ Outdoor Living Pod is a fantastic option as its versatility means it can be used throughout the day late into the evening. When the sun is at its highest the roof can be retracted and the sliding doors left open, whereas when it begins to get cooler, the roof can be extended, doors closed for a more intimate setting.

Outdoor living pods with bar

Another plus of the Louvre and Awning roofing structures is that they offer several LED lighting options. The first option is LED stripping this can be installed around the roofing structure or across the fabric of the Awning. The second option is the larger LED lights, these are installed around the perimeter of the structure and are more broken up than the stripping. The ability to utilise the LEDs makes the transition from day to evening more smooth.


Private Space

If you’re looking for a space to get away from it all and read a good book, then the IQ Outdoor Living Pod is perfect for you. As there are options to add blinds it can offer a more secluded area, perfect for enjoying your own company. The automated roofing system can work in conjunction with the blinds to protect against the sun and provide shade on a very hot day.

Living Pod with shrubbery and glass walls

Many people dress their pods with an array of different furnishings like rugs, chairs, side tables. The pod is completely waterproof when sealed it offers a safe place for furnishings, the integrated drainage system is designed to aid in the prevention of any unwanted water.



If you are interested in our bespoke IQ Outdoor Living Pods then contact the team at IQ Outdoor Living. The outdoor living pods are suitable for residential and commercial properties and are available internationally.

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